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Power Speed Endurance Pre-Order Raffle





Buy Pre-Orders Here: B&N or Amazon


Grand Prize (individuals)


Purchase a copy of Power, Speed, Endurance on Barnesandnoble.com or Amazon.com and send your receipt to: PSEndurance@gmail.com or show your receipt at the CrossFit Endurance booth at the CrossFit Games


  • Airfare

  • Two Nights Hotel Stay

  • Private Consultation

  • Lunch & $500 GC to Reebok (www.ShopReebokCrossfit.com)

  • Runner up Prizes include 6 month supply of 3Fu3l (www.3fu3l.com), and $250  GC to Reebok (www.shopReebokCrossFit.com)



  • Affiliate / Team Prize


    The affiliate gym that orders the most books (wholesale prices when purchasing 10 copies or more), wins a free Running Mechanics Workshop with Brian MacKenzie at their gym and will get 25% off Reebok gear on (www.ShopReebokCrossFit.com). For these orders please email psendurance@gmail.com as they are at a reduced rate



Disclaimer: To be eligible for the raffles, you must live in the continental United States. Dates for prizes are contingent on MacKenzie’s availability. The CF Box prize is limited to
20 attendees.



Carol on July 06, 2012 Typo
Name misspelling here - Free Running Mechanics Workshop with Brain MacKenzie, founder of CrossFit Endurance
Leonardo Perez on September 14, 2012 Something for outsiders
I live in Colombia and i already preorder.. it would be nice to have some goodies for those who don t live in the U.S
Stirling Gardner on September 24, 2012 Kindle, man!
When do you plan to upload your book to Kindle? It takes 5 minutes and if you don't know how to do it, I can show you. Super simple and your sales will get a big boost.
Noe Gonzalez on September 24, 2012 Got to have it!
To race you got to have the: Power, speed, and endurance.
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Mike McGrail on October 21, 2012 Pre-ordered!
Great meeting you today at Reebock Brian... Book looks awesome!
McGrail on October 22, 2012 correct spelling of Reebok!
of course I know how to spell Reebok...damn iPhone!
Martin on November 01, 2012 Book
too bad I can't join the Raffle (I'm from Brazil). Looking forward to get the book, already pre-ordered. Is there an estimate date for the release?
Mary Whitcher on November 06, 2012 How do we register
I belong to RCFBB in Boston and ore ordered the book how do I submit my receipt.
Amy Tice on November 08, 2012 Delivery date
I got a notice today that I may not get my pre-order until March. Is this true?!
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